Nishioka & Gaban Law Firm is composed of highly qualified lawyers and consultants  with solid academic curriculums and extensive experience in complex cases with  interdisciplinary and multi-jurisdictional approaches in all administrative, judicial and  other dispute resolution proceedings systems. 


Our cases involve administrative, tax, criminal, civil aspects, among other jurisdictions.  Our extensive performance in strategic litigation leads us to structure one of the most  effective consultative and preventive teams available.


Our team of partners, consultants and associates is highly specialized in several areas  of corporate law, as well as in correlated areas, acting from simple routine operations  to the most difficult and sophisticated cases, always with an unmatched level of  excellence.



Market Perception


Our partners, consultants and associates are professionally and academically highly  qualified, as they have been recognized and ranked for their various local and  international legal publications, and for their performance in all areas of practice in  which they operate. 


Those are some recognitions and considerations about our work of prominent legal  editorial and marketing firms:


Main Clients


Over the past 25 years, we have represented clients in almost every niche of economic  activity:


• Chemical and Petrochemical 

• Infrastructure and Engineering 

• Construction  

• Transport in all modalities 

• Oil, Gas & Energy  

• Media & Entertainment 

• Telecommunications  

• Pharmaceutical Industry 

• Medical and Hospital Services 

• Basic Sanitation  

• Financial Services  

• Insurance and Reinsurance 

• Textile Industry 

• Market Luxury (luxury retail) 

• Food Industry  

• Agriculture  

• Digital Platforms  

• High Tech and Big Data Analytics